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dear government
you selfish tyrant.
it's easy to make laws
and burn us away with ink.
look at what you've done.
is it easy to turn away?
it'd be a good idea to think
before you sign for
the terror-made suit you're wearing.
shame on your greed, your ignorance.
where's our justice?
shame on your stubbornness.
you will shiver,
wrapped in a blanket;
never grew up
only larger, more powerful,
a bully, immature and reckless.
killing for lunch money.
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new document
i never know where to start,
always thinking that first word isn't good enough
a flaw?
or a chance for brilliance
will i overcome my fears and write down something even good enough for myself?
or will i stare at a blank page for hours trying to write down one word without deleting it?
in this case i just write what i'm thinking as i open a new.
effective, sure, but useful?
i don't even know if i'll read this after i write it.
i can't possibly tell you how many times i've read my journals or poems back after completion
usually i look back in disgust
boastful for how much of a better person i am now, at time of consumption
but only now do i think,
was i better then?
sure daily life is a pathway to our truest best self
our experiences make us who we are and the game is to make it for the better
but do i actually evaluate myself?
words don't stay down sometimes for more than a few seconds before deleted.
backspace is a tool for failure
does that create a better success rate because of less
:iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 1
even as days lengthen
it's not getting any easier
single digits bones start to hurt
the anti energy grips throats
late shivering and alone
tension coughing sticky sadness
torturous glass rains
covering the earth
:iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 0
sky's a-changin' by NeverOnlyHuman sky's a-changin' :iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 3
The Vacant Chair V
i notice in my thoughts a simplifying, simple pleasure in nirvana comes
content i believe i'm free but that feeling leaves replaced with
an uncertain fear of what is now to come, as well as them, the end of me?
not knowing why my psyche is beginning to elude me i decide to let it be
the presence of my body and all neurological feelings fade, fade away
deprecated now to something inaudible, if i had the capacity to think
decreasing the complexity of one's brain decreases the understanding
and capability to even contemplate itself, the pursuit of metacognition
is so futile, everything is futile now i can't do a thing, nothing none
there's no such thing as nothing, only the lack of matter, as everything
nothing now though, fire's burning out, light's going dim, all fading out
in the depths of this lack of matter where there is no spatial meter left
alone i whither away, alone i slowly cease to exist, though i'm holding on
i can't last much longer now, alone there's almost nothing left of
:iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 1
The Vacant Chair IV
turning back to me in a new fiery red rage, the synchronized screens now apt
but before i could think of what they could do, their assumed vision turned
while gazing at me, the tubes of the electron gun of the fragmented crt
implode in a shattering crack, yielding searing shrapnel, burst in flames
the consuming fire that arises from the self-destructed screen consumes the
screen above in a slowly enacting chemical reaction sucking oxygen from air
the shards spread from the implosion and the embers from the flaming screen
initiate the spread of fire throughout the scene, i still don't can't feel
i stare my burning decomposing face not knowing what emotion to portray
as the tables, screens, chairs, heads and bodies burn, i am far enough
away to be safe, but sufficiently close to feel the heat and something else
a lifting on my head mind brain a welcome feeling, progressed with flames
inversely proportional to the burning, senses thoughts clear, not memories
the event seeming to slowly sl
:iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 0
The Vacant Chair III
hearing a mechanical sound of casters on a wire and air being pushed aside
i turn to the source directly behind with pain of soreness, ache, fatigue
again an unpleasantly familiar image of those computer screens focused in
speeding towards my face i quickly dodge, ducked in fold tuck and roll
missing it's final destination, the monitor dislodged from it's guiding track
realizing i escaped certain dismemberment, from my current stance i view
the screen struck before the men, cracking table material, staying intact
ricochet once again this time there is a crack in the failed murder device
nothing but assailant screen and veneer of the table surface was harmed
it finally scrapes to a stop below the master screen in a hardly held heap
i unknowingly foiled the attempt to conform me to the present demographic
the minds behind this macabre device showed angry discontence of my action
the red faced screens turned to look at the mass on the floor below chief
the opportunity to perform an unplan
:iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 0
The Vacant Chair II
but there is no feeling inside me that i can make any sense of this
no fear or dread or worry or wonder, curiosity animosity ferocity bliss
if all those deep chemical emotions mixed with an adrenaline raging river
hormones pheromones steroids opiates stimulants depressants hallucinogens
not all the physical chemical natural synthetic drugs or medicine products
mixed with a thousand volts of searing blinding crippling electric surge.
nothing i have ever felt before or will ever feel again could even compare
to this confusion that was the worst of it, what have they done to me?
i decide it is time to react when i could do nothing more than indecision
slowly breaking free of my awed stupor i reach for self control
my mind and body slow to respond after the neural thrashing i endured
after regaining my conscious free will only one question remained
now that i have knowledge of what i could recognize as myself once again
i decide that i can not decide on what i know i have to do i know
:iconneveronlyhuman:NeverOnlyHuman 0 0
The Vacant Chair I
somehow i become in this room, though no ceiling or walls i see
just darkness beyond what's visible in the circle of light ahead
there in front of me i see a long table with twenty chairs
seated at the chairs on the long sides of the table there's
nineteen motionless bodies facing one another in symmetric unison
dressed in business suits with polished shoes hands flat on the table
between the hands of each, there is heads of men facing just like
the bodies i assume from which they came, what caused this travesty?
where the heads should have been on those suited shoulders
there are TVs or computer screens facing just as they were
toward the one that short distance across, communicating nothing.
the heads turn to my surprise, away from me as if of their own will
toward this screen, now bathed in light where before hidden from me
appearing on the screen is the head of a man, like those before me
this head, the things he said fill me with dread "the world will end"
i'm starting to wonder i
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the truth, but maybe
the truth is i don't know who i am
but maybe that's not such a bad thing
every day makes us who we are
so whos to say they know one day
when the day's not even over
do they really know who they are?
and if night defines when the day
ends and begins then can the day
really know how to define itself
when something else ordains it?
sleep joins the day's thoughts
with the memories of the past
since we're always thinking
do we ever have time to sort it out?
tomorrow hasn't happened yet
uncertainty lies therein as well.
we think about tomorrow
but the thoughts occur today
and can we even think linearly
but a timeframe on cognition?
it all depends on our perception
of each persons reality and time
the night brings closure to the day
it becomes who we are in many ways
we fight it but it's inevitable
our minds become heavy, bodies weak
if the natural sense doesn't get us,
then there's remorse and guilt also
there to drag us to bed when there's
still so much to do nocturnally
to exist in the day
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Richie Cole
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in getting into this whole health food thing, i've started to really notice a difference in the way i feel, think and my general state of being, depending on what i eat. but for the same reason that thugsters buy overpriced sneakers, hipsters and hippie-yuppies will pay outlandish prices for products that aren't really going to make much of a difference.


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